To Say Yes or No

Do you feel burnt-out and overwhelmed? You could be doing too much. There was a movement years ago telling people to say “Yes” to everything and just figure it out later. I attempted to do that. I had a lot of fun along the way. Yet, two things happened: it lead me to feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I ‘had’ to do; and, I used up a lot of money that could have been better spent. Now, I use discernment to find wellness and things that bring me joy.

There are so many wonderful opportunities out there, especially with the awesome people I know. I would love to be able to do all of them and support all of my friends. Then, when I wanted people to support me and my business, they did not reciprocate. I found that if I really use my intuition and discernment and learn to say “No” to those opportunities that did not serve me, then I was able to use my energy to focus on those things that increased my value or the value of my company therefore increasing my Feeling Good.

I have found that if I define what I want in four areas of my life with two sub-categories each, I can make choices that serve me better. Areas of Life:

Health: General Health (the optimal blood chemistry levels & absence of dis-ease) and Fitness

Wealth: Money and Career

Love: Intimate relationship/Spouse/Partner and Friendships

Happiness: General Happiness with life and Spirituality (relationship to God/Source/the Universe)

When I define what I want in each of these areas, I begin to understand where I have areas that are out of balance in my life. Consider defining what you want in each area. Then prioritize the things that will bring you more joy. When I define which areas are more important and make them a higher priority, I find wellness in my life.

Focus Creates Success.