’Twas The Day After Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas
and all through the house,
no one was stirring
except for the mouse

for he found the crumbs
that were left on the floor,
and in the sink
dirty dishes galore

the kids were playing
with their new toys
while shoppers braved stores
looking for discounted Joys

Some returned gifts
all through the mall
People were everywhere
From wall to wall

the mess from the gifts
left under the tree
will stay there ’til later
when recycled with glee

Those left at the house
got moving midday
looking for brunch
in a food coma way

Momma asked “how did our Christmas
end up like this
knowing quality time
is the way to my bliss?

the kids are gone playing
and the grand babies too
Don’t they want to spend time
with me and you?

Papa replied
sweetly and mild
knowing precisely
her love language style

“I sent them away
with all of their stuff
Because I want you for myself
I just can’t get enough.

come hold my hand
my beautiful wife
I will hold you at Christmas
for the rest of your life

Herein lies my
message to you
Only my suggestion
on what you might do

Keep the Spirit of Christmas
Throughout the year
Take care of yourself
and your loved ones with Joy & Cheer.

– © Kim M. White