Friends for a Reason, Season or Lifetime

They say that you have friends for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
What happens when the person you considered to be one of your best friends who you thought would be there for a lifetime changes to be a friend for a season?
Do you attempt to hold onto that friendship and almost force it to be what it once was? Did you evaluate how that person makes you feel and adjust accordingly? Do you mourn the loss of that friendship?

I have one such friend.

We seemed to be the best of friends for about 16 years. Even though she was married with a child and I have been single, we have been quite close. Yet, in the last year or two, I have felt that we have been grown apart. She raves about going to lunch with other friends, but won’t make plans to go to lunch with me, even for my birthday or hers. Her responses to communication are limited and do not take into consideration me and my circumstances. When I see her in person, now, her responses are almost accusatory that I don’t respond to her needs. But, my needs have not been met for a couple years.

I spent a little time trying to analyze what went wrong and if there is somewhere I made an error. I may have, but I have not been told what that is. Sometimes you have to decide to just move on and let go. There are many people who treat me with love and respect. I choose to spend time and energy towards what I want … my loving friends.

There are the friends who live far away, yet, when we talk it’s like we’re next-door. And there are the friends who I feel I don’t know that well, but they step up to the plate to help out or support me when I need aide.

When someone is released from your life, someone else will show up to fill that void. The universe doesn’t allow for empty space.

There is also the energetic awareness that when you vibrate at a higher level, the people that you know at a lower level will drop away. This also means that you will be attracting new and higher vibration people. Consider releasing those who no longer bring you up. It does not mean that you are abandoning them. You just spend as much effort on them as they spend on you. If they want to be in your life, they will level up. If not, just wish them well.