Focus Creates Success

Focus Creates Success

In this day and age of Multitasking, we tend to lack focus. Many things and people seem to need our attention. Yet, focus creates success. In multitasking, we are dividing our attention. Therefore, there is little focus.

The definition of Focus (Merriam-Websters Dictionary) is: a center of activity, attraction, or attention, a point of concentration; directed attention; direction, a state of condition permitting clear perception or understanding; adjustment for distinct vision..” Yet, in contrast to that, the definition of Apathy (Merriam-Websters Dictionary) is lack of feeling or emotion; lack of interest or concern; indifference. It comes from the early 17th century from the Greek ‘apatheia’ meaning without feeling.

Apathy, to me, leads to Drifting as mentioned in Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil.” Defined in chapter 4, ‘a drifter is one who permits himself to be influenced and controlled by circumstances outside of his mind. He would rather let ‘the devil’ occupy his mind and do his/her thinking than go through the trouble of thinking for himself/herself.A drifter is one who accepts  whatever life throws in his/her way without making a protest  or putting up a fight. He doesn’t know what he wants from life and spends all of his time getting to just that. A drifter is one who is too lazy to use his own brain.’

Are you drifting? Are you drifting through your life, Going along to get along? Or are you passionate and focused? Do you have Definiteness of Purpose?

Have you defined your dream and taken the time out to write down what you want? What do you want in every area of your life?  If you have not, now is a good time to start. If you have, consider re-visiting this exercise in a new unit of time. You will likely clarify your dreams & goals better and add details to help bring it to fruition sooner. The areas that I define my dreams are: Health, both Physical Fitness (what I can do physically) and being Healthy (blood chemistry levels); Wealth both Money (how much money I want to be bringing in) and Career (what I do with passion;) Love, both having a Loving Relationship and feeling Love for and from my close friends and family; and Happiness which includes Spirituality (my connection to God, Source, the Universe) and overall Happiness (contentment and daily feeling Joy.)

Take 10 minutes to write down (on a white piece of paper & a pen with blue ink,) if money was NO concern, what would you be, do or have in each area of life? Just keep writing for those 10 minutes. Let if flow out of you. 

After writing down what you want, write down a number to the left on a scale of 1-10 how much you believe you could get it someday.

Now, look at those things where you believe you could get it. Hopefully, there are things in the 8-10 range. Consider focusing on the thing that you have the most belief in and image how life would be if you really had it. Then, try to reverse engineer the steps it would take to make it happen. If those steps are big, break it down into smaller actionable steps. Take that first step. You might say, “focus on it.”