When Life Happens.

When Life Challenges Happen?

Life is not always easy breezy. Sometimes, it can be downright challenging.


We have family commitments, work commitments, health commitments, religious/spiritual practice, commitments, home commitments, social commitments, friendship commitments, spousal commitments, charitable commitments, volunteer commitments, social media time and of course, “Me time.”
You may be able to define more.
How do you balance it all?
Do you attempt to balance it all?


In reality, you cannot do everything (at once.) Multi-tasking has been found to get very little done. Although it seems like a wonderful concept, it causes poor quality in what is being done while multi-tasking. Focus creates success. You need to figure out which area of your life has the highest priority. Rate each area of your life. Adjust your schedule accordingly.

There are times in life where work takes priority. Then family may take a higher priority. Then you may need to focus on health. At some point you will want to feel more connected to friends, God/Source/the Universe or altruistic work.

You must keep a minimum in certain areas such as health, family, home and work. Some of the other areas get put on the back burner. This can leave you feeling like you are missing out.

If you decide upon your goals in each area of your life and have those prioritized, you can schedule the high priority items to make sure they get done each day. When you start to feel like there is an area that needs more attention, you can schedule those things into your day.

The Unexpected

But be prepared, life happens.
Things come up in life. Accidents happen. Feelings get hurt.
Make sure that you have a person or people in your life to contact when circumstances happen. If you have support people, you will be able to navigate the challenges of life with more grace and ease. Not because they do things for you, but they may be able to give you a different view of what you are going through. I have key people in different areas of my life. Those key people in those areas allow me to work through any perceived or real challenges.

Consider that if somethings happens in your life, it is to your benefit. Have the mindset that ‘everything always works out for my best interest.’ I believe that there is something to learn in any situation. Instead of asking yourself “Why is this happening to me?” Ask yourself, “What is this teaching me?” or “What can I learn from this?” If you cannot figure it out, have the quiet expections of wondering what wonderful blessings will be coming your way.

If your life seems to turn upside down or just when challenges come your way, ask yourself “How do I want this story to end?” Although it may not be pleasant at times, keep looking for the path to the best possible resolution of the challenge. Find the one that you want the most. Take the steps to get there, and then, keep it up until you get there! You may or may not get the top result, but you will be closer than not having the plan. You can be your own hero!