Get Rid Of Your Monkey Mind

What is monkey mind?
That is when you remind takes a negative spin and goes down the rabbit hole of possible negative outcomes.

How do you know you are in monkey mind?
You are thinking negatively. You are not thinking in the present and you do not feel good. You could be thinking about the past usually about your errors or failures. Or you could be thinking about your fears for the future and playing the what if scenario. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real. The What-if scenario is when you are wondering what if this happens or what if that happens.

What do I do about it?
1. Tell your mind to “cancel cancel,” then change the channel. Because the mind always wants to be full, once you cancel the negative program going on in your mind, you then need to fill that space with a positive stock or affirmation. Such as I am an intelligent person.

2. Actually look at the real worst case scenario. Plan in case that happens, what will I do, how will I handle this and who can help/assist me. What is the best case scenario? Pray to God/Source/the universe to learn the lesson with grace and ease. I call it, plan for the worst but hope for the best.

3. Instead of asking why is this happening to me? Ask what blesses is this challenge or opportunity giving me? I have found when I look for the lessons I usually find them. When I have learned a lesson come the challenge is complete and it goes away. Sometimes it will come back to see if you have really learned a lesson, but if you really have, it will not be a big deal the next time.

4. Always, ask yourself “What do I want?” If you do not know what you want you will be drifting through life at the whim of whoever or whatever pushes your buttons. But when you know what you want then you have a goal to aim for and you can take the steps to get there. My mentor told me that all day, every day you should be asking yourself “What do I want?”